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You have been called an over-achiever, a go-getter, a perfectionist. Others see you as capable, independent, and motivated. People think you are ambitious, even successful.


But you don’t feel “special” or “gifted.” In fact, you don’t feel like you do enough.


Maybe what gives you purpose is how you serve others. Maybe you are a therapist, lawyer, medical professional, educator, entrepreneur, or engineer. Sometimes, you struggle with imposter syndrome. There is a drive within you to keep moving, keep improving, keep proving. You compare yourself to others and feel like you come up short.

You find comfort in being cognitive, logical, and analytical... but this time, you can’t think yourself out of this situation.

Maybe you’ve cobbled together an understanding of emotions based on bits of info here and there. You read pop psych books and eagerly listen to podcasts. Maybe you’ve learned from your relationships … which isn’t super helpful because those people also don’t fully understand their own emotional world. Maybe you’ve developed a whole host of coping mechanisms to help you. You’ve learned to compartmentalize, deny, suppress, and displace.

You've tried to figure out your emotions like a scientist looking for the solution to a problem but it hasn’t worked because:

1. Information about emotions can be so confusing! There is so much mumbo jumbo psychobabble that it’s hard to know what is accurate. You feel overwhelmed just starting but also embarrassed that you are getting some of your emotional support from memes and Instagram accounts.

2. You have to FEEL emotions in order to work through them and yet, it can be hard to know how to do this in a useful way (Should I brood or should I try and cheer myself up? Should I think about it or let it go?). To understand emotions, you have to experience them but to experience them effectively, you need to understand them. What a dilemma?!

3. You are missing the fundamental truth that your emotions aren’t the problem – they are messengers with important details for navigating life. When combined with your more developed cognitive capacities and your deep innate wisdom, they actually offer many solutions! By not listening to their messages because it can be difficult to process and work through emotions, you are missing valuable information with real relevance for your life.

You believe in science, in facts, and figures, and data. Those things are great and I believe in them too. But without someone to help you cut through the noise AND help you experience emotions in a new way, that information is incomplete and useless.

Insight is critical for change but information alone does NOT change behavior (we all KNOW that junk food isn’t very good for us but find ourselves eating it anyway!)


You know what WILL work? Having the support and guidance of an expert.



It. Takes. One. To. Know. One.

It took me years of personal and professional experience to understand how emotions work and can be utilized for our benefit.


I now believe that feelings are powerful messengers full of vital information. They can help us navigate our lives with more authenticity, joy, and peace. They can lead us to where we have unfinished work.

But, like the radio, we need to be tuned in to the right frequency to go from hearing noise that disrupts our day to hearing melodies that have us break out into song and dance. Once we pair a fine tuned emotional sensor with a logical mind and clarified values, the world is our oyster and life can be meaningful ... and fun!


In order to decipher and use what they are saying to your benefit you need the support of a perceptive, nonjudgmental, caring, and competent clinician.


I offer active guidance to help you harness the power of thinking and feeling to make changes in your life.

I am a psychologist licensed in both California and New York who specializes in guiding people to live emotionally-attuned and empowered lives. I help career professionals navigate the many competing needs of family life, career, and self-care with more clarity, ease, and competence.

My style? Warm, practical, nonjudgmental, open-minded, engaged.


Our Work

My mission?

To equip you not just to deal with the “problems” of today,

but also to develop an entirely different orientation and approach to life.

Once you have this understanding and framework,

you can address any new issue with more sophistication.


My goal is to ultimately work myself out of a job!

Your time and energy are valuable. Stop pushing thoughts and feelings aside, knowing their resurgence is around the corner.

Stop scratching your head trying to figure it out all on your own.

Stop wondering whether therapy could help.


Take an active step toward living the life that speaks to you by seeking the support of a professional who gets it.


Contact me today to schedule an appointment.

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