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Want to work with me but feel like your issue doesn't

exactly align with my specialty areas?


Meet my Registered Associate

Marriage and Family Therapists (AMFTs).

I have intentionally invited these pre-licensed, Masters level clinicians to join my practice. Each brings a unique clinical style and complementary clinical specialties to ensure that your needs are met.

You benefit from their rich education and experience, as well as from the collective wisdom of my supervision and guidance of their work.


Rudy Ruderman, M.A.
AMFT #125808

Rudy specializes in working with teenage and adult males who are emotionally restricted, feel shame about needing help, lack communication skills, and are depressed. It is his passion to help anyone, but especially men, reclaim the emotional and relational part of themselves. He works hard to provide a safe place for anyone, especially men, to address the shame that often prevents full participation in relationships.

Rudy is currently accepting clients for his next men's group. See more here.


Rudy is a depth-oriented clinician who has worked in the mental health field since 2014. He received his Master's in Clinical Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and has completed four years of training in experiential group dynamics.

Drawing upon clinical and psychological tools that have proven to be effective for himself and others, Rudy is dedicated to helping clients create positive change. Outside of the office, you will find Rudy enjoying nature and drinking good Chinese teas.

Contact Rudy today:

Call for a free 30-minute consult @ (805) 312-8078

or email

Check out Rudy's website or Psychology Today profile

Brianne Billups Hughes, M.A.
AMFT #113226
APCC #6353

Brianne takes a practical, straightforward approach to working with her clients. She serves as an active guide and loves working with people who are ambitious, motivated, and ready for change.


With a background in biological science and a love of evolutionary psychology, she can help you dig down deep and find the root of what is really going on in life, love, and relationships. Honesty and authenticity are guiding principles she uses to help people remain true to themselves and hold boundaries.

When working with couples and individuals she operates in a way that is kind, direct, and to the point. She uses a balanced approach of remembering the little details and how they fit into the bigger picture or patterns at play. She also has a lighthearted way of putting people at ease while discussing a wide array of deeply personal topics.


Brianne has additional training in treating sexual issues and is also certified in perinatal mental health.

Contact Brianne today:

Call for a free consult @ (805) 826-1443

or email

Check out Brianne's website:

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