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Anxiety, Stress, & Overfunctioning

You always have a lot on your plate. Some of it happens to you by nature of the responsibilities in your life and some of it is self-imposed. You like being busy. Being idle makes you … antsy, restless, uncomfortable. Being productive feels good, feels right, feels like you.


You say yes to things – at work, in your personal life. You pile it on. And hey, biting off more than you can chew has often worked in your favor. You tell yourself that you thrive when you have a lot to do. It motivates you and keeps you going. Without it, you worry that you would get lazy and not get things done. You need the anxiety you say to yourself.


But it’s like walking on a tightrope. A small change – hello Murphy's Law – and the exciting busy energy can quickly turn into frenetic overwhelm.


Recently, your anxiety and stress has gotten the best of you.


Rather than energized, you feel depleted. Rather than encouraged, you feel stuck. You are less productive and procrastinating more. You find yourself rushing through your day. You find yourself constantly planning and preparing and thinking. It feels exhausting to have to be in control all the time.    


Something isn’t working and you don’t know why.


Why are you running so fast in your life? When’s the last time you took a deep breath?

Abstract in BW

While you may have gotten used to operating from a place of fight or flight, anxiety and stress are not sources of renewable energy. There is another way to get it all done and to feel grounded, collected, and calm in the midst of the chaos and noise.


Also, this moment is an opportunity to reflect on what you get from being so busy. Maybe rather than being a problem, your anxiety is speaking to you about some of the ways in which your busyness does not work for you.


Weaving together neurobiology, an acceptance and commitment-based model of treating anxiety, and a focus on the deeper functions and meanings of your behaviors and emotions, I can help you harness the power of your feelings. Together, we will explore your past, connect with your values, and design a sustainable lifestyle that invigorates you and brings you a deep sense of meaning.


Don’t let anxiety rob you of your joy.


Addressing, rather than avoiding, your anxiety is the first step.


Having a therapist guide you through the process is the next.

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