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Your Story

On the outside, most things in your life are going well. You have a career, family, friends, hobbies. You try and take care of yourself as best you can.


Sure, things come up emotionally from time to time but that happens to everyone right? Sure, there are things you would like to work on, but they don’t feel so big you would go to therapy.


You might find yourself stressed out at times, but that’s because your work is demanding.


You might get into fights with your partner or feel disconnected from your friends, but that happens in every relationship, no?


You may have stuff from your past come up but there’s nothing you can do to change what has happened, so you try and focus on moving forward.

Ok, well, some things you experience are big but making therapy a priority is a big step. You are busy and take care of a lot of responsibilities (and people).


Taking time for yourself feels … indulgent, maybe even selfish.


So you do what you usually do. You figure it out on your own. You listen to a podcast, talk to a friend, order a book on Amazon … how hard could it be? You’re smart. You’re analytical. You’re psychologically-minded.


But wait! - you wouldn’t attempt surgery on even a small body part – “c’mon, it’s just a little toe” – so don’t attempt to treat the most essential part of yourself – your mind - without the professional support and expertise you deserve.


You see, our mental and emotional health is EVERYTHING. Without it, what good are the rest of the things we work so hard for?


A house is only as good as the relationships housed within it. Our ability to do good work depends on peace of heart and soundness of mind. Looking great on the outside doesn’t equate with feeling satisfied within.


Learning about yourself and how to master your emotions are critical life skills. Sadly, these skills aren’t taught in most schools. They aren’t modeled in our families. You may have learned from various relationships, but a lot of what you have learned may not be working for you!


There is no judgment here. Oftentimes we are using old tools ill-matched for our current situation and creating the futures we want. We are repeating patterns again and again and again with no conscious awareness of why we keep ending unhappy and disappointed. We are missing something but can’t even articulate what that is, let alone pursue it.

You need someone outside of yourself/your friend/your hairdresser to help you explore, unpack., and learn new insights and skills to help you live optimally.


You may not be suffering but are you flourishing?

Sitting on a Rock


These are the very things that my clients come to therapy for.


They come to get active guidance in optimizing their lives. They come for expert help and support in deciphering the messages their emotions are speaking to them and learning how to use that information to make the best decisions.


Therapy with me offers a different kind of education than you can imagine – learning about yourself as well as learning about how emotions work, what keeps relationships healthy, how the mind and body are connected, what we have gotten wrong or not understood about our childhoods.


Therapy with me is about finding clarity, undoing and redoing, feeling empowered, and living a FULL life.

Your time and energy are valuable. Stop pushing thoughts and feelings aside, knowing their resurgence is around the corner. Stop avoiding the hard but worthwhile work of becoming the person you most want to be.

Invest in yourself. Invest in your future.

Take an active step toward living with more authenticity, joy, and peace
by seeking the support of a professional who gets it.

Call me @805-225-7374 or fill out the contact form below to get started.

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