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Relationships & Intimacy

You feel like something is missing, or something has been lost. It used to be so easy and you wonder where it got off track. How did we just get in a fight about mustard or the right way to squeeze toothpaste out of a tube?


You used to feel so close to your partner. Now, it feels like you are miles apart.


Maybe you keep having the same conversation again and again hoping that with enough insight, things will get better … but they don’t. Or maybe it’s hard to even begin communicating honestly because there are mountains of unspoken words between you.


There are some topics: sex, money, religion … that feel too risky to explore. Remember how poorly it went the last time you tried? It’s far safer, you’ve determined, to say nothing.


So you stay “safe,” but are you happy?


What would you even say if you weren’t afraid of the reaction or outcome?


You wonder whether you are even compatible with one another. The things you used to love about each other are the very things that drive you crazy now. The differences that felt so exciting before lead to the same stale arguments and dead ends.


Surely, there are better fits out there. You question whether it’s time to cut your losses and develop an exit strategy.  You don’t know whether this relationship is right for you.


But every couple has their problems, right? And you have invested so much into this relationship already? Would you really start all over again?


Maybe there is a way to stay together, happily.


Relationships are the hardest and yet, most powerful, important, necessary, and fulfilling aspects of our lives. Your relationship is sacred and it’s struggling.


Through creating an environment where each member can be heard and understood, therapy with me can help you begin having the same conversations differently, which then lead to different results and new possibilities.


Let me help you stop playing the blame game, the cold shoulder game, the brush it under the rug game ... and instead learn new rules of engagement that lead to true connection.


The universe brought you together. Let me help you find your way back to each other.    

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