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My practice is currently hiring!

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You know that being in this field is your calling and when you are with a client, doing the work you love, you feel like you are exactly where you should be.

You made the important decision to go to school to become a therapist, a healer. You studied hard, gave it your all, and made lots and lots of sacrifices. You feel so relieved that school is over and are now working on accruing your hours.

Although it feels great to be at this step, sometimes you feel like you could be getting more from this stage in your journey. Yes, you know many things but there is so much more to learn. You have so many questions and want to be encouraged to keep growing. You work hard and want a supervisor who works as hard alongside you and who is really in it with you.


You crave the engagement, support, and training of a caring, competent supervisor. Someone to help guide you - whether it be related to clinical work or your professional goals.

I have been involved in supervision and training for over a decade - from being a supervisor and mentor of dozens to a teacher of hundreds. It is a deep passion of mine. I love to learn about how best to support each individual to become the clinician and professional THEY are meant to be.


I have a warm, personable, and genuine style. I am generous with the lessons I have learned along the way. I bring a wealth of academic, clinical, and business knowledge to help you with each step.


The theoretical orientations and styles for which I would be a good fit are those who practice from a relational, psychodynamic, third-wave behavioral, multiculturally-informed lens. Supervisees who are active in their own learning, able to tolerate the uncertainty/anxiety/living in the grey nature of our work, and who do well with taking initiative and being supported rather than waiting to be led would do well with what I provide.

If it sounds like I would be a good fit for you, please email me to set up a time to talk about options for working together. I would be honored to be a part of this important part of your journey.

Don't just accrue hours anywhere and anyhow. These early years of your training set the foundation for your later years. They deserve attention and intention.


Let's work together to get you the most from your effort.

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Recently Featured

I was recently featured on my friend and colleague Claire Blakey's Flourishing Therapreneur podcast.


You have a client and you need some support working with them. You are a professional seeking support from another professional about their practice or professional endeavors. I am here to help!


Seeking consultation is an integral part of our work. It can be enlightening for our clinical work and enriching for us as professionals. I have learned so much from consulting with others.

Whether you are a student, a trainee, or a licensed professional, I would be happy to lend a listening ear, a supportive environment, and suggestions for moving forward.

I would be a good fit for consulting within any of the specialties listed on my specialties page (e.g., anxiety, depression, relationships) as well as within the following arenas:

  • Multicultural Counseling (*Middle Eastern clients in particular)

  • Group psychotherapy

  • Couples

  • Human Sexuality

  • Pregnancy & Postpartum

  • College-aged/Emerging Adults

  • Professional Pursuits (consulting, private practice, etc.)

  • Trauma

  • Transference & Countertransference


Professional Consultation: $250/45-minutes

Looking forward to speaking soon!

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