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Depression in the Aftermath of a Big Change

It didn’t happen overnight but you don’t feel as alive and engaged as you used to. Maybe you’ve endured a string of losses – deaths, break-ups, major changes – or maybe it was something positive – a job promotion, getting married, having a child.


It might be hard to pinpoint where it all began but something has changed.


In any case, you have done what you always do … kept going. You’ve tapped into that place of resilience where no matter what, you show up and give it your best.


But that cookie jar has no more cookies in it. You are feeling depleted. Lost. Tired. Alone. Numb.


You often wonder about the past, trying to make sense of things but that can feel daunting because you keep hitting dead ends. And what good is looking back when you can’t change it?


The one thing you have figured out is how to protect yourself so you don’t have to get hurt or be disappointed again. Your protections help you survive but they really aren’t helping you live.


Compartmentalizing is also no longer working and you can’t seem to push down or sweep aside your thoughts and feelings without a lot of effort, or effectively. They just keep coming back up again and you’re over it.


When these feelings come up, they aren’t comfortable. You know are sitting on a big pile of …… but you feel overwhelmed thinking about where to start. You just want to find a way to feel good again.

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This is why you need a guide, someone to hold a flashlight to the path so you don’t trip every time you try to start the journey.


Someone who isn’t going to judge you but is going to help you figure out more effective ways of working through and making sense of this mess. Someone who believes that in the rubble, there are valuable pieces of gold to be mined and used to pave a new path.


In therapy, combining the psychology of emotions with the deeper roots and meanings of our feelings and behaviors, the crisis you are in can become an amazing opportunity.


I can help you use your heartbreak and the twists and turns of the past to blaze forward into a life full of meaning and purpose for you.

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