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The Culture & Connection Transformation Program 

This program guides you through:

  • Understanding your personal and collective narrative, making critical links between the past and the PRESENT to help you transform your future

  • Rewiring generational patterns that may have helped you and your family survive back then, but aren't helping you thrive NOW

  • Developing new ways of seeing relationships with family members, significant others, your children, and most importantly, YOURSELF.

What you get:

1 month of support with me including sessions and texting/ voice messaging support outside of sessions.

Exclusive transformational exercises and tools to take with you as you navigate your journey with familial and interpersonal relationships.

Practical tools to help you understand your culture and your individuality and integrate both in a way that’s healthy for you.

And CUSTOMIZED additions specific to YOUR struggles and needs.

Smiling Woman

Get this high-level, individualized attention before it’s gone!

This program is going to turn into a course soon and WILL NO LONGER be offered in a 1:1 format. 

Apply today for a complimentary call with me to see if I can help you truly uplevel your life, your wellbeing and your legacy for your future! 

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