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Like going to the gym ... for your mind, therapy can help (re)connect us to our best selves. You need someone who will work as hard as you do and believe that change is possible because they have helped facilitate it time and time again.Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or relationship issues we could all use some individualized attention. Check out my specialties.


As social beings, it is in relationships that we get wounded ... and it is in relationships that we also heal.  Whether you are encountering a recent concern or wondering how to rework a longstanding dynamic, relating is a skill that can be learned and a gift we can give to ourselves and others.  We all deserve to be in relationships that fulfill us and add to our wellbeing. 

See if I would be a good fit for your needs by reading more.


Clinical work is hard and sometimes you need another pair of eyes ... and ears. Whether you are looking for the right supervisory fit to help you work toward professional licensure or just needing to consult about a specific case that has you feeling stuck, reaching out for support can help you help others. Without the right support, you can't fully realize your clinical and professional potential.

Learn more about how I could be a part of your professional growth.


Speaking & Training

Acquiring accurate information is the first, and often most important, step in achieving any goal.  Whether you are looking for an engaging speaker for your next professional event, an experienced teacher for your next training, or an expert's perspective for your next article or show,

let my passion for public speaking and presenting turn information into power!

I have spoken to groups of 2 to 30,000 and taught for over a decade at the undergraduate and graduate level. Some areas of expertise include: wellness, positive psychology, sexuality, stress management, clinical conceptualization, multicultural counseling and group therapy.


Like individuals, couples, and family units, healthy businesses produce the best results.  Whether your company is looking to bounce back after a major change, improve its company culture, or create a wellness program to support employees, there is room in every system for an upgrade.

Explore what I can do for your team.

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